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straight from the master of Naadi Astrology, Shri R. Murugeshan
Shri R. Murugeshan

Beginning on a slightly cynical note, can you prove the authenticity of predictions through palm leaves? Briefly, can you also stress upon the origin of this science, if it is one.

The origin of the palm leaves can be traced back to approx. 2000 years ago. Later during the British rule, The British were very keen to acquire these types of ancient leaves which deal with herbal cure, alchemy, different types of rasayans, Kalyakalpa to increase longevity, different branches of fortune-telling, etc. In some, the basic rules of the modern scientific inventions are explained. The British were very keen to take all these but left some of the astrological leaves to their loyalists. Some were put on auction too. People belonging to a particular community who specialized in astrology bought these leaves and they earned their livelihood through Naadi reading. As regards to the authenticity, our clients would vouch for it, for many of them have immensely benefited through this astrological science.

How did you get into this profession? Could you tell us your background?

Naadi reading/prediction is a hereditary profession for us. We hail from a place called Vaitheeswaran Koil, in South Tamil Nadu, India. We got our training from our elders to do the Naadi-reading. The language is poetic and the script is also different, the same as in the ancient temple. We do possess only a certain amount of collection of palm leaves. Persons whose leaves are here, will somehow or other come to us at the appropriate age specified on the leaves from any corner of the world. What's unique about these leaves is that they are not only for Indians but also for foreigners belonging to other religions. Whoever is destined to look into these leaves will come to us on his own accord. The very word 'Naadi' means in Tamil (in search of) to come on own accord.

Do you mean to say that you don't possess the leaves of those who are not destined to come to you?

Yes. They may not even know that such a type of astrology exists. Even the very age when the person is destined to come to us is marked on the leaves. Whoever is destined to come will come. Faith is the root of our system.

Do you predict / tell your customers much more than what's written on the palm leaves?

Let me make it clear to you. We are just 'Naadi Readers'. We just read what's written on the leaves to our clients and give explanation to them. We ourselves do not add anything. Some clients get irritated when we unfold certain facts that are unpleasant. We cannot help it. However, we also tell them about the remedial measure to be undertaken by them to overcome troubles being faced by them. These measures too are written on the palm leaves.

It is quite possible that people might think that you manage to get a lot of information from your clients discreetly before you start your process? Do you Naadi Readers indulge in such practices?

Absolutely not. We don't need to resort to these activities as it's against our principles. Let me clear your doubt. While we start reading from palm leaves, sometimes the person's name is written in full. And in some cases, the names are only suggested indirectly giving details about the number of letters in the name, clues of corresponding deity/God, etc. In those cases, we ask questions to find out the right leaf. We tell our clients to say only 'yes' or no' when we are browsing through the leaves and nothing more. You can also verify your horoscope with the description of the horoscope given in the leaf. Without truth and integrity, we could not have survived for so many years and through generations.

While reading you suggest certain remedial measures to overcome problems. As an Astrologer, do you give your own suggestions so that you can add to your income?

Ours is a holy profession. We don't give any suggestions on our own. We only read the remedial measures given in the particular chapter. Generally, these measures are like visiting particular temples, feeding the poor, etc. and there is no compulsion to do them. Corresponding to the sins, the remedial measures are suggested in the leaves. However, it's absolutely client's call whether to do it or not.

Do these remedial measures really reduce the troubles?

Yes. I have seen many people benefitting from this. Let me give you an example. We had a client who could not give birth to a child till the age of 48 and she was not a Hindu. While predicting her future through palm leaves, it was said that she should follow certain remedy to overcome the problem. Accordingly she did all that religiously, that too in Hindu rituals way. To everyone's surprise, she delivered a baby girl at the age of 49. This is just one of the many successful stories. There are many clients who have benefited from the remedial measures written on palm leaves.

Having been in the profession for the last 10 years, you and readers at your center would know the secrets of many people. Do you divulge those details of your clients to others while reading?

No. Not at all. As I told you earlier, ours is a holy and divine profession. When the clients come to us, they have complete faith in us and we respect their feelings. Under no circumstances do we reveal their problems to others. We keep them in utmost confidentiality. All our readers are trained accordingly.

There's general impression that one has to wait for long hours to get the Naadi reading. How far is it true?

The time duration depends on the identification of the thumb impression. Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon. At times, it does take more time to match the palm leaves.

Is it possible for the client who are not present to get his/her predictions through Naadi astrology?

Yes. It is possible. We have a special service for those who don't make it personally. They have to fill-in a form divulging certain details along with their thumb prints and send it to us. We, then study the thumb prints, match the leaves and record the predictions in an audio cassette in English or Tamil or Hindi. In case the leaves don't match, we wont be in a position  to predict. In fact,  many of  our clients in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Jaipur, Dubai, London, USA, Germany, New Zealand have been benefiting from our services. Thumb impressions are unique scientifically and are used for legal purposes.

What's the difference between your classification and theirs?

For legal purposes, the whole thumb is studied minutely, whereas we concentrate only the center part of the thumb and the sub-divisions therein.