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" It was an exhilarating experience on exposure to naadi astrology. The predictions of the past made were accurate not only in my case but also in case of family. This has not been told to me by any other astrologer. Keep up the excellent work in the service of humanity. "
Shri S. Ramanathan (Delhi)
" I am very happy to start my new life after understanding Naadi. This has made me think positively. I got the results within 60 days as per the prediction.  I   am   really   thankful  to  the   Naadi   Astrologer  / Reader Shri G. R. Chandran who as a God guided me to a new life. "
Smt Rama Srikant (Pune)
" It was amazing to know that the past ancient culture is still alive in our country. I got to know a lot about my past and also about my future predictions that were made long long time back. It is really interesting. Overall, I appreciate it. "
Smt Reshma (Hyderabad)
" It was a great experience! Shri. M. Prabhu, the Naadi Astrologer has given very passionate & honest predictions. He has gone about it in a very professional way and has been very direct. There was no effort made to pressurize me for any Pooja or any other offering. It seems very real and convincing. I am very impressed."
Smt Sakina Shakeer (Bangalore)
" I just can't believe it. Here's an Astrologer who met me for the first time. Then he started revealing names of my father and my mother after going through the palm leaves related to me. Besides, he confirmed the number of brothers and sisters I have. The past and the present of my life narrated by the reader were quite accurate. Even my future predictions are coming out true. Excellent. "
Shri B. Kartikeyan (Dubai)
" I am into business and many a time I go through ups and downs. Then I came to know about this unique Astrology and wanted to check it out. It was a revelation for me when this Naadi Reader told me about the precise nature of the business I am into, and the problems I faced in the past. They also predicted my future. I must say it was a great experience. "
Shri Radhakrishnan (Mumbai)