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Naadi Process

Naadi Astrology is a supernatural prediction based on an individual's thumb impression.

The process is simple. Thumb impressions (Left for women; Right for men) are taken three times on a blank white paper. After that, the search begins for the palm leaves that match with the configuration of the thumb print. The traits in each thumb impression are classified into 1008 types and the leaves have been arranged according to these types. Matching the leaves with the thumb impression can be the most tedious exercise and it may take a few hours and or at times, a few days. Once found, the contents of the leaves are narrated by the reader in the old Tamil verse, which is then simultaneously translated into the language of the client's choice.

The reader also gives the client an audio recording of the predictions for future reference.

It is popularly understood that only a person who is destined to know his fate can successfully get his predictions from a Naadi Astrologer.

There is more to Naadi Astrology than just predictions. Besides giving you comprehensive details of your past, present and future life, Naadi Astrology provides, apt remedies to all your problems from marriage obstacles, career stagnation, health hazards, business problems, financial instability, property disputes or hurdles in higher education, etc.